Research Interests
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These are the projects I has been involved in the past:

  • COMPAS, Compliance-driven Models, Languages, Architectures for Services

COMPAS is a European project aimed at designing and implementing novel models, languages, and an architectural framework including required software components and services to ensure dynamic and on-going compliance of software services to business regulations and the stated user-service requirements. This is achieved using the model-driven software development (MDSD) approach to enable organizations developing custom business compliance solutions faster, cheaper, and with less required programming skills.
Keywords: Service-Oriented Architectures, Business Process Modeling, Data Warehousing, Model-Driven Software Development, Compliance Management. LiquidPublications (or LiquidPub) is a European project aimed at changing the world the way scientific knowledge is produced, disseminated, evaluated, and consumed. Briefly, it brings the lessons learned in Web2.0 to science. See project website for more information.
Keywords: e-Science, Scientific Knowledge Objects, Knowledge Lifecycle, Social Knowledge Creation, Trust, Reputation and Credit Attribution, Open Source The Implicit Culture (IC) Framework is a framework for computer-human, or, more generally, computer-agent interactions, which supports, preserves, and encourages desired behavior of the members of communities. IC combines multi-agent systems (MAS) and data mining techniques to facilitate the transfer of implicit knowledge and to assist in decision making process.

  • QUIEW, Quality-based Indexing of Web Information

QUIEW is a research project dealing with the access to the information on the Web. My role in this project is to provide an adaptive interface for tagging web pages (e.g. suggest relevant tags).
  • SERENITY, System Engineering for Security & Dependability

SERENITY is a European project aimed at developing a framework to support the automated integration, configuration, monitoring and adaptation of security and dependability (S&D) in Ambient Intelligence (AmI) ecosystems. My role in this project is to provide the mechanism of re-using past experiences in the process of the selection of S&D patterns. The pattern selection problem occurs within the SERENITY runtime framework.